10 ways you can help a new mum

1.Ask what you can do and how you can help her.

2.Bring food and yummy healthy snacks.
3.Fill up water jugs and keep them close to her nursing chair.

4.Help tidy up and put on a load of laundry.

5.Fold laundry.

6.Hold baby while mum showers or grabs a bite to eat.

7.Entertain the older children if there are siblings.

8.Do a run to the shop for all the bits mum needs

9.Bring more food

10. If bringing flowers, bring flowers in a pot, so that the new mum does not have to take up valuable energy and time finding vases and placing flowers in water (or bring a vase and arrange the flowers yourself on arrival).

PS. Make sure the family is ready for guests before coming unless quickly dropping off food, if you do visit, make it short and sweet, staying max 45 mins.

PPS. Don’t advise mum and tell her what to do unless she asks your opinion.

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