Establish a naptime routine in 5 easy steps

Having a nap time routine is an essential part of your baby’s sleep.

I cannot express how important it is to establish a nap time routine for your baby.

Establishing a little nap time routine can significantly help your little one settle to sleep easier, sleep better and for longer. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes to do, but the rewards are enormous.

Without a nap routine, your baby may find it difficult to go down for naps; naps might seem like a battle and stressful for both you and baby.

The point of having a nap routine is to help signal to him that sleep is near and help him transition from being awake and in ‘play mode’ to wind down and enter ‘sleep mode’ more easily.

You can help your baby calm and prepare for sleep by creating a soothing, peaceful atmosphere, incorporated with lots of little sleep cues and positive sleep associations, ones which signal to a baby that sleep is near and will help him transition between being awake and falling asleep more easily.

Try not to rush through your little routine, equally don’t drag it out, have it somewhere comfortably in the middle.

Setting up a nap time routine is easy. Use this ‘SLEEP’ acronym to help you remember.

Tracy Newberry

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