Five things you should know before working with me

Through my experience of working with babies for over 13 years, I have devised the ‘Nurture Method’.

To Nurture means: ‘to care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing’.

To me, The Nurture Method also means teaching sleep with love, kindness and the utmost respect.

There are five things to know about and agree upon before we begin working together:

1. I do not endorse any of the ‘Cry It Out’ methods – there is no judgment, but please refrain from working with me if this is your chosen method as I cannot advise you.

2. Happy Baby and Me’s core value is respect. Respect for both family and baby. Your baby is precious and unique and so must our approach be, we will never force your little one to do anything he/she is not ready to do but continue to take gentle steps towards your sleep goal appropriately.

3. My aim is not to get your baby sleeping through the night in a 12-hour stretch without a feed. Often little ones need a feed or 2 during the night, and this is normal. Night weaning typically happens between 12-18 months where you can begin to try and night wean. I aim to get your baby sleeping well regardless of if your little one still needs to feed during the night or not.

4. The more you stay in touch with me over our time together, the better your results. I can only help you if I know what’s going on for your and your little one.

5. All emails will be answered within 24hrs at the latest. I value my clients immensely, but please keep in mind that at the heart of everything I am a mummy too. If your email is urgent, please mark ‘urgent’ in the subject line or feel free to call me.

It’s all about respect baby

I will help you get your baby sleeping well, BUT we will respect your little one, and we will go at his/her pace.

I am not in it for the quick fix (although this does happen). I’m in it for the long game – helping to establish healthy sleep habits and positive sleep associations with love and kindness.

(I am not the sleep coach for you if you are more concerned with the time it takes than your baby’s well being).

Looking at your night and day in great detail to find out why your baby is waking or not sleeping well, we can then come up with a plan and get to work on solving those issues gently.

I believe all babies can sleep well, but I cannot tell you how long it will take. Your baby is unique and an individual, just like you are.

In my mind, the best and only way sleep should be taught or changed is with love, kindness and the utmost respect.


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