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Working one to one with my lovely clients, I come across many babies rooms. One key factor in helping your little one sleep better is the energy of their room. It’s something that is easily missed and often overlooked.

The energy of your little one’s room is vital to sleep and creating a sleep sanctuary; a ‘sleep bubble’ can massively help your baby sleep better. By making some small changes, you are likely to see positive changes straight away.

Every space has a feeling to it. Ancient studies go years back proving this; you are likely to have heard of Feng Shui before and possibly even dabbled in it. Now I want you to get serious about it. It may sound a little ‘woo-woo’, but you know this for yourself if you’ve ever walked into a house, office space or seen a gorgeous home in a magazine and felt how calm and comfortable the room or area looks or feels. In comparison have you ever felt the difference walking into a messy house or office or if you’ve ever watched one of those reality series shows on people who hoard? The feeling of a room or an area is tangible and real. I know I can tell when my house is due for a good clean, apart from seeing my house look a mess, I feel irritable, and like everything’s a mess, but once it’s all clean and beautiful, I feel happy and calm again.

A sleep bubble should give your baby’s nursery the feeling of calm and comfort and be as conducive to sleep as possible. It should act like a total ‘sleep sanctuary’.

My dear friend, Feng Shui specialist and author Denise O’ Dwyer writes ‘One of the main places Feng Shui affects you is in the bedroom, the place you spend around one-third of your life. The bedroom is directly connected to how well you recharge your personal energy, or Qi, during the night. In any home, the bedroom is one of the three most important Feng Shui areas after the front door and kitchen. So understanding the Feng Shui of your baby’s sleeping place is fundamental to her rest and wellbeing’.

I asked Denise for a case study, and she shared this with me.
‘Lovely new parents of a gorgeous baby boy contacted me for some Feng Shui advice. Since their baby was born, he never had, in 10 months, slept for more than a couple of whole hours during the night. Getting him to sleep had become a long routine of special toys, his favourite mobile, white noise playing in the background and total silence in the rest of the house. If his parents left the room before he was fully asleep, he would wake up, and the routine of getting him back to sleep would start all over again. His parents were exhausted.

Once I arrived at the house and saw where he was sleeping it was evident straight away that some simple Feng Shui changes would help sort out the problem. His cot was still in his parents’ bedroom, and they had placed it near the foot of their bed. Not only was there no solid wall behind the head of the cot, or support either side from bedside cupboards, but the spot he was in was the absolute centre of the room. In Feng Shui, the centre has a unique energy and should be kept clear. Sleeping here is much too active and interferes with his sleep. The little boy’s bed was also too close to the door, and the Qi was, therefore, fast and unsettled. Poor baby!’

We moved him into the Command Position furthest away from the door, with his head against the wall, added a small table either side. That night, for the first time, he went to sleep easily and slept almost a full night. Happy baby and happy parents!’

Check out this post for more on how to set up a sleep sanctuary for your little one.

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