It was an absolute delight to work with Happy Baby and Me. I saw my 6 month old sleep through the night for the very first time after just three nights of working together. Not only does Tracy have a calm, confident and knowledgeable approach to baby sleep, she also has the most gentle manner, able to take both babies and parents on an invaluable journey to peaceful nights. My son thought the world of her. She has taught both him and I so much… I couldn’t have done it without her. Tracy, thank you x.

~ Katie, Mother of Charlie

9-month-old baby waking 5-10 times per night

“Tracy is a truly gifted sleep advisor. Our daughter had severe eczema starting two months old, which profoundly impacted her sleep habits. She would wake up 5-10 times during the night at ten months, and her nap schedule was hectic. Tracy’s recommendations and constant support has helped us put our baby’s sleep back on track, and ultimately got her to do her naps properly as well as sleep through the night! All of Tracy’s advice was adapted to the situation/context we were in. We’re extremely grateful to have met her and can’t thank her enough for her remarkable work!

-Deborah, mother of Daphne

Breastfeeding throughout the night at 20 months

“We are a professional couple (in our mid to late 30’s), who have lived and worked around the world. We are blessed with a lovely daughter, and she is the most precious thing in our lives. She was never a good sleeper, and for 20 months we struggled with her waking up several times a night (every 1 to 2 hours) and needing to be breastfed to be able to fall as sleep again.

After reading several books about sleeping problems in babies and toddlers, we decided we needed expert help and are so grateful to have found Tracy! We invited her into our home and trusted her with our most precious thing: our sweet and lovely daughter.

Tracy is amazing. Not only she thought our daughter the amazing skill to sleep through the night, but she also helped us to be able to support her in this. Tracy is an extremely caring individual who has helped us get our life back after 20 months of sleep deprivation. Tracy spent five nights with us. On the second night, our daughter woke up twice and by the 4th night, she was sleeping through the night. She now sleeps between 11 and 12 hours in a row, and we are still happily enjoying nursing in the mornings and before bedtime. Ever since Tracy left our house, she has been supporting us through emails, text messages and calls covering questions and doubts and helping us to make little adjustments as needed. We would wholeheartedly recommend Tracy. Our only regret is why we didn’t ask for help before! Thanks Tracy for teaching our daughter to learn to sleep and for helping us get our life back.”

– Eugenia, Mother of Victoria

15-week old waking every 90 mins to feed

“Our baby sleep coach came to help us when our 15-week old baby was waking up demanding to be fed every 90 minutes throughout the night, and refusing to sleep during the day unless he was being pushed in his buggy. After just four nights he was sleeping seven till 7 with just two small feeds and is sleeping during the day. Tracy’s gentle and incredibly effective methods and guidance empowered us and taught us how to soothe our baby without having to leave him to scream, and gave us our sleep back! I cannot recommend her enough”.

– Cathy, Mother of Zack

Tracy Newberry, Happy Baby And Me

10-month baby girl up four times or more throughout the night

“A few weeks ago the sleep deprivation finally took its toll as my 10-month-old was waking up to 4 times a night and still feeding through the night. I found Happy Baby & Me while trying to look for help online, so I contacted Tracy for her help. The past couple of weeks Tracy has helped me tweak my bedtime routine for my little one and use a gentle/ subtle technique to help her understand that when it’s bedtime “she sleeps” Isla is a lot happier now she is getting the sleep she requires, minus the night feeds. I have managed to achieve consistent 7pm-6:30 sleeps. Tracy, me and my hubby, cannot thank you enough, we never thought we would sleep again! You’ve helped us see there is light at the end of the tunnel! You are an Angel xx.”

– Annie, Mother of Isla

10-month old who needed to feed throughout the night to fall back asleep

“I want to say Thank you to the amazing coaches at Happy Baby And Me!!! Lucas is ten months old and has been sleeping beautifully through the night and has his two daily naps on schedule. I love when his stops everything he is doing and comes to my arms, lies his head on my shoulder every day almost at the same time. Without you, this would never be possible!”

– Elaine, Mother of Lucas

Joel aged one would often wake each night and wouldn’t settle until being rocked back to sleep.

“Happy Baby And Me thank you so much for all your advice and support in the past few weeks. I never thought I’d sleep again and you have been an absolute lifesaver to us! I’ve been telling everyone about you! You are an absolute angel xxx.”

– Rachel, Mother of Joel

Katy aged two would wake throughout the night and end up every night in her parent’s bed.

“You would be so proud of Katy. She’s so good at bedtime now. Last night she didn’t want to sleep but went to bed, and she just lay there quietly. I thought she might be unsettled with the move, but she was amazing. Called me a few times but I just reassured her that I was there and everything was okay, and she was fine. Such a star! Thank you! X”

– Mandy, Mother of Katy

Indie aged 2, in her big girl bed, would wake up many times during the night and could only fall back to sleep in her parent’s bed.

“We came to Tracy to help with our daughter’s ongoing sleeping problems. I had put it off for so long as I didn’t want my daughter to suffer. However, Tracy’s approach is so gentle and kind but at the same time very effective and achieved results very quickly. We are so grateful to Tracy for restoring the sleep back into our families lives. Tracy is extremely professional, and a pleasure to have in the house and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some help.”

– Camilla, Mother of Indiana