This too shall pass

As mums, there are often times when days and weeks rush by with no small break in sight. As a natural introvert It’s at these times where I tend to feel most overwhelmed, where I need to have a little chat with myself and remind myself that one day when I’m 60, I’ll have all the free time I justifiably crave, and all the sleep I can dream of. But now is not the time. Now is the time of our lives where it’s busy, messy, chaotic and a little crazy. Its the time for cherishing, protecting and loving so much it hurts.

It also helps to remember that no matter how bad, tiring or tricky the day has been, that, ‘this too shall pass’.

One day it will be the very last time you ever have to help your baby sleep, one day it will be the very last time your little one asks to get picked up, one day it will be the very last time your child wants you to tuck them in. Through the fog of tiredness and craziness that is part of mummy life, try and make an absolute point to cherish as many moments as you possibly can, for one day, this too shall pass.

My biggest fear is that I’ll look back at this time in my life with regret. Wish I had cherished the moments more, knew how lucky I was, laughed more, smiled more and played more, rather than focus on how things were before I had a baby or on the plain lack of time, me-time and sleep.

This is a new time. This is the time where we will look back on when we are old and smile. These are the days that will make up the most incredible memories and probably some of the proudest moments of our lives.

I find, looking at it this way, on even the trickiest days, it helps me see that it’s all part of the journey. It’s all part of being a mummy. The good days and the not-so-good days all wrapped up as one big present, waiting for us to look back on when we’re old.

Have you ever noticed old people looking at your gorgeous baby with a smile in their eyes? I know I have. I think it’s because they are remembering their crazy mummy days and thinking ‘I’ve been there. I feel for you’, but also thinking, ‘These are the best days of your life.’

This too shall pass.

You are an amazing mummy! You are important, and your work is the most special of all.

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