Travelling this Summer? Pack Extra:

Dummies – If your baby is anything like mine we lose at least one a week. Milton does ‘soother and teat’ wipes which are amazing for on the go.

Lovey/comforter – Take 3 with you. Have one which you can use for travelling on the aeroplane and out and about if necessary, 1 which is used only in for the cot and sleeping (so your baby is ensured of sleeping with a clean lovely) and 1 as a backup in case the travel lovely gets lost or cot lovely needs a wash.

Sheets for the cot/travel cot – Just in case of emergencies. Also if possible pack an extra blanket or 2 which can be used as extra padding for under the sheet, most travel cot mattresses are thin and not the height of comfort.

Sleeping bags- again just in case of emergencies, also bear in mind the temperature of your destination, pack the most suitable tog for your location. Have a look here for tog guidelines

Big muslin swaddles – I love these as they are so versatile. You can use them as a mat for baby to sit on, eg: at the beach or playing on the floor indoors, or creating a little tent for him in the aeroplane to sleep in, (hanging down over the bassinet or draped over your shoulder) keeping the harsh lights out of your baby’s eyes during the flight. They can also be used as an emergency towel at the beach or sheet for baby’s cot. They are easy to wash, dry really quickly and don’t take up much space at all so easy to pop into your baby bag and whip out whenever you need.

Safe travels! xoxo


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