What is White Noise and how should I use it?

White noise replicates the sound of the womb helping not only to calm and soothe babies but also masks sounds by blocking out outside noise, keeping little ones asleep for longer.

White noise is both helpful for naps and to use all the way through the night.

An example of white noise is sounds of a womb, heartbeat, fan, vacuum cleaner, fan, rain, ocean, seashore, shushing or hushing and noise of a hair dryer.

There are lots of apps which you can now download on iTunes and use; some include: ‘Sound Sleeper’, ‘White Noise Baby’ and ‘Infant Baby Sleep’. I also love Sarah- Ockwell Smith’s sleep music designed for helping babies sleep. It’s a blend of white noise and alpha music, you can find it here.

The repetitive and calming nature of white noise significantly helps to keep little ones asleep for longer. It should be played at a volume which masks outside noise both indoor and outdoor, but it shouldn’t be so loud that it disturbs your baby’s sleep either.

Play around and ‘feel’ which sound and volume works best for your baby and then stick to this same sound for naps done in his/her cot and play on a loop all through the night.

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