About Me

Welcome, amazing Parent!

My Name is Tracy Newberry. I am known as ‘The Gentle Baby Sleep Coach’ or as ‘Tracy Poppins’ by my wonderful friends and family.

My love for children has been a part of my life since my first memory. My passion for babies began with loving my youngest sister and pretending she was my very own newborn baby; volunteering in an orphanage for abused, abandoned and AIDS children aged 11, in South Africa, where I originate from and then pursuing my dream of becoming a nanny in London at the age of 18.

I also dabbled in nursery school teaching in South Africa but soon came to learn that I love the 1:1 experience that nannying brings, even more.

My journey teaching sleep has been a beautiful one. While I’ve always had a passion and natural talent for working and interacting with babies and children, it wasn’t until I had nannied for ten years that I finally realised that perhaps I was doing something different to help these little ones sleep in a gentle, loving way.

Now with over 14 years of baby experience, I have developed ‘The Nurture Method’. I specialise in working with babies between 6 and 11 months to help them sleep well in a gentle, loving, respectful way. Never leaving them to cry, not for a moment. We work so hard as parents to build a strong bond, raise happy, healthy, balanced little beings and to me, none of that should be compromised in the name of sleep.

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Look out for my next eBook ’23 Feng Shui Tips For Blissful Baby Sleep’ in association with Feng Shui specialist Denise O’Dwyer, coming soon!