The reason why I only work with babies between 6-11 months

In my 1:1 baby sleep coaching, I specialise in working with babies 6-11 months, the reason for this is:

Babies 0-6 months old are still making sense of the world; sleep is all over the place, their body clock (circadian rhythm) is still developing and sleep only just begins to consolidate at around the 4-month mark. The first six months are also imperative for finding your feet, establishing a bond with your precious baby, establishing breastfeeding if that’s a path you decided to follow and indeed could follow. The first few months is a time of significant change, emotionally, mentally and often physically. I know they were for me.

The first six months is also a time for working out problems, such as tongue tie, reflux, silent reflux, allergies, intolerance and eczema, (which is often a big sign that something within the body does not agree with your little one). And finding the cause of your baby’s discomfort if this applies to you.

The reason why I choose to work with babies up to 11 months old and not older is that as babies grow older, it becomes a little harder to change their sleeping habits. They are incredibly tapped in and understanding of the world around them, mobile and know what they want. It can be difficult to convince them otherwise. It’s not to say that you can’t help them sleep better after 11 months, you can, but the methodology that I have created called The Nurture Method™ works best within the 6-11 month age group.

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