Baby not sleeping well? Five ideas you probably haven’t tried yet.

1.Sleep crystals: Might sound a little ‘woo- woo’ to some, but I promise it’s worth a shot. These are my favourite. 

2.Air Purifier: This is a device which removes contaminants from the air in a room such as dust particles and smells. They are worth their weight in gold and can make a huge difference.

3.Investing in high-quality bedding and sleeping bags for ultimate comfort and sleep quality: Investing in sleep, both your own and your babies is one of the highest investments you’ll ever make. Bed specialist Jerry Cheshire, owner of Surrey Beds, recommends using a good quality foam mattress for your baby’s cot and covering it with a waterproof cover for protection.

4.Alpha music white noise – I love Sarah Ockwells Alpha music, it’s recorded to a resting pulse rate of 60bpm and is gloriously soothing for babies and toddlers. Find it here.

5.Feng Shui – Denise O’Dwyer Feng Shui Specialist and Author says:, ‘One of the main places Feng Shui affects you is in the bedroom, the place you spend around one-third of your life. The bedroom is directly connected to how well you recharge your personal energy, or Qi, during the night. In any home, the bedroom is one of the three most important Feng Shui areas after the front door and kitchen. So understanding the Feng Shui of your baby’s sleeping place is fundamental to her rest and wellbeing’.

Find out more about how Denise can help you on setting up your baby’s room for optimum sleep energy here. I work in close collaboration with Denise when looking at a little one’s room who has sleep issues, an email consultation with Denise is included when working with me 1:1 to set up your baby’s nursery to be in alignment with Feng Shui principles.

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