How best to avoid early morning waking?

Babies spend a lot of time in REM sleep (rapid eye movement) especially towards the latter part of the night – early morning. This stage of sleep is also where it’s easiest to be woken up from outside factors, such as:

Sound: Use white noise to ensure your baby’s sleep is not disturbed by your indoor heating coming on, birds beginning to tweet, dogs barking or trains/ cars and commuters starting their day. White noise helps to keep the outside world out and your baby asleep for longer.
Light: Keep your little one’s room dark – light stimulates our eyes to tell us its time to wake up, meaning it will be a lot easier for your baby to stay asleep and transition into their next sleep cycle without the early morning light streaming in. I also recommend placing a rolled up towel or similar outside at the foot of your little one’s door, to prevent any passage/bedroom light streaming into his/her room, waking your baby up prematurely.

Temp: In the colder months most babies seem to prefer having a cooler room and to be dressed warmer, than being in a warm room and dressed cooler. So keep the heating off or on a low setting and keep baby warm by using a gorgeously warm sleeping bag (my favourite bedding and sleeping bags are by a divine company called Bubbaroo, you can find them here), and warm pjs.

Feel: My dear friend Denise O’Dwyer author and Feng Shui specialist says ‘One of the main places Feng Shui affects you is in the bedroom, the place you spend around one-third of your life. The bedroom is directly connected to how well you recharge your personal energy, or Qi, during the night. In any home, the bedroom is one of the three most important Feng Shui areas after the front door and kitchen. So understanding the Feng Shui of your baby’s sleeping place is fundamental to her rest and wellbeing’.

The energy in your baby’s room is vital, I’ve seen it over and over many times in my work with children. For more tips and info get in touch with Denise here, there’s no one better to advise you on how to set up your baby’s nursery for optimum sleep energy.

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