Make your baby’s room a phone free zone

I love getting updates from my clients, I encourage them, and these updates are paramount to our sleep success, but often I get these texts while a mum is feeding her baby before nap or bedtime.

I often speak about creating the perfect ‘sleep bubble’ for your baby. Dedicated time, effort and thought should go into creating the perfect sleep space for your baby, its vital to both yours and baby’s sleep.

However, a sleep bubble cannot stay a sacred sleep bubble if a parent is texting or playing on their phone while putting their baby down to sleep, either at naptime or bedtime.

Denise O’Dwyer, Feng Shui Specialist says:

“Remove any electronic devices from the room which are not in constant use.

Sleep is a Yin, or soft and quiet, activity which means that anything in the room that is overtly Yang, or active, doesn’t support good sleep.

Yang items are TV’s or computer screens, exercise equipment, and large electrical items. Anything that plugs in creates EMFs and disturb sleep, as well as undermining health in some individuals.

The Yang nature of computers, iPads and phones activate and disturb the Qi which makes it very hard for a Baby to rest”.

The conclusion? Give your baby the attention they need, tune in, be present, enjoy the soft cuddles and during sleep times, make your baby’s room a phone free zone.

Tracy Newberry

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