Mummy, you’re amazing- when in doubt trust that you know best.

A couple of days ago I spoke to a mummy who called me in a little bit of a panic. Everyone who knows me knows how totally against I am leaving a baby to cry. ‘But Tracy she said, sometimes my daughter after waking will go back to sleep within 3 or 4 minutes all by herself without me needing to go in’. She was worried that by going in too soon and without needing to, she was going to create a whole waking that would not have been there if she waited a few mins to see what her daughter was going to do first.

I reassured her and told her that she knows her baby best and to always follow her intuition. I advised that she always listen to her baby and stay in tune with her daughter.
We can tell within a few minutes of a baby waking if they will go back to sleep and settle without our help or if we then indeed need to go in to help reassure and soothe them.
My answer is this, it always this:
Trust your instincts, trust yourself.
My good friend, Marina Pearson, is not only an incredible mummy to a gorgeous little boy but an amazingly talented speaker, author, blogger, wife and coach that supports entrepreneurs and professionals to transform their stress into effortless living to reconnect with their inner truth and wisdom.
I asked Marina to give us a few words on trusting our intuition.

“I wish he would just sleep! I feel so exhausted and don’t know if I can take it anymore!” These were the words that I used to express my experience to Tracy when my little one Leo was 8 months old.

Maybe you can relate? I was running a business and would spend 2 hours of my day attempting to find a moment to lay my head on the pillow as I was so exhausted.

You see Leo wasn’t sleeping much at the time and I just had no idea how to get him to sleep!

I kept looking out for help as I was drowning in overwhelm and fatigue.

I had so much noise going on in my head that I couldn’t hear the very thing that would have helped me know what to do and how to do it. All I could hear was the voice shouting out “You are a crap mum!” “Leo will never fall asleep!” And so the list went on…

The thing I speak of? Is our wisdom, our innate knowing. That is something we all possess. No one has less or more wisdom than you. We all have the capacity for insight and the ability to know exactly what to do in any given moment.

And if you are wondering if you have wisdom. The answer is yes. After all didn’t you learn how to walk, talk, read and write? Wisdom has been your guide your entire life. You may not have recognized it as such, however it may have come packaged up as a creative idea, a moment of clarity, a knowing, a sense of flow, or a powerful moment of connection.

Heck, your little ones are created by the very universal intelligence that I speak of. Did you ever stop to consider what created your little one?

I did. And I suddenly saw that my little one was being created by the very same life force that created you and me. We are made of that energy and that same energy is that which created all things. So how can you not have wisdom? You are it!

But maybe the question should be, why do we overlook our inner guiding system? Why don’t we trust it?

The challenge comes when our voice of truth is being drowned out by insecure thought. However just because it gets cloudy doesn’t mean the sun no longer exists! It still does, it’s just hiding behind them.

The same is true of your wisdom. It’s always there, just because you don’t hear it doesn’t mean it’s gone walkabout. It’s there waiting, whispering – and maybe in some cases – shouting!

Have you ever considered that you have every answer you are looking for? That isn’t to say you cannot ask for help as you may need it, but what I will say is this, that listening to whether the advice of that person resonates is something that you need to listen out for. A process or a technique or advice can be useful if you hear truth in it, and if you don’t, then keep listening. After all Being able to hear your voice deep inside of yourself requires space and listening to it.

So what of this wisdom, how can it be useful to you if you cannot hear it and are overwhelmed by being all things to all people, especially if you run a business?

Well, consider this, knowing that you are what you seek and what you seek is what you are made of, can really bring a sense of peace and calm into your life. This in turn has a profound effect on your children. They feel presence and security.

I remember a moment when I was feeling really guilty and I thought I was feeling guilty about leaving my son at home while I travelled to London to pursue my spiritual growth.

And as I was listening to a recording, I suddenly heard my own truth speak to the insecurity. I found out in that moment that my job as a mum is to just bring a good feeling home. That’s it. And that is how I see motherhood, a constant practice of seeing through the veils of my own illusions so I can become more present to my son to deepen my connection to myself and to him.

So how to deepen that connection? I have found (as have my clients) that deepening their understanding of the principles behind effortless living has transformed the way they are with their children and above all with themselves. Start by listening to audios, reading blogs, immersing yourself in the effortless living understanding that will connect you to the wisdom and stillness that you are.

Remember you have the innate capacity to have a fresh new thought in any given moment to see yourself and your role as a mum completely anew. You are built for insight (to see the truth) and this capacity is infinite.

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